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12 Steps of Recovery: How These Programs Work

This plan may include ongoing therapy, support group participation, and regular check-ins with healthcare professionals. Consistently following this plan provides structure and guidance, helping individuals navigate the challenges that may arise post-treatment. DiClemente and Prochaska devised the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) to comprehensively elucidate the recovery process by delineating six distinct stages. The Stages of Change […]

From addiction to ultra-marathons: A Nashville man’s journey of recovery and running

Therapy during and after treatment helps people identify triggers, address current and underlying issues, build healthy coping mechanisms, and develop an effective mindset for sobriety. No matter the circumstances, people in general rarely want to admit that they have a problem or need help from others. However, this is the first step toward making a […]

50 Celebrities in Recovery: Famous People Whove Battled Addiction

Famous women are more likely to suffer from (or are more open about) mental health problems and eating disorders compared to famous men. About 53% of women in our research had mental health issues compared to 29% among men. And 26% of successful, wealthy women have battled eating disorders versus only 6% of men. In […]

Alcohol use disorder Symptoms and causes

For this reason, people who drink heavily and are looking to end their addiction should seek medical assistance. Alcohol misuse can impact every aspect of your life in ways you may not expect. Once detox is complete, alcoholics can begin tackling problematic behaviors related to their addiction and learn how to live sober again. Because […]

Blurred Vision: 21 Causes of Gradual and Sudden Blurry Vision

One of the organs particularly affected by dehydration is the eyes. Dehydration can lead to changes in the shape and thickness of the cornea, the clear dome-shaped structure at the front of the eye. These changes can result in the light waves not focusing properly on the retina, leading to a blurred image being transmitted […]

Passion Flower: Anxiety Uses, Warnings, Side Effects, Dosage

These conditions include stroke, preeclampsia, a concussion, and wet AMD. If you’re unsure about whether to contact a healthcare provider, it’s best to err on the side of caution. This is a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain that can cause symptoms, including blurry vision, that can last from minutes to about a […]

Dopamine and Alcohol Dependence: From Bench to Clinic

Olanzapine, another example of a second generation of antipsychotics, has been evaluated in a human cue‐craving study, where the compound reduced the urge to drink post‐exposure to alcohol cues, without affecting the rewarding effects of alcohol following the consumption of a priming dose of alcohol [152]. Based on this clinical finding and the knowledge that […]

Serotonins Role in Alcohols Effects on the Brain PMC

It should also be noted that in both outbreed as well as alcohol‐preferring rats, there are studies showing no influence on the accumbal dopamine levels regardless of dose of alcohol or location in the VTA [59, 91]. Collectively, these data suggest that VTA is a heterogeneous area that differs in morphology and topography (for review, […]

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